Guru Sangeet Academy was established to keep ancient tradition of Guru and Shishya (Parampara) relation alive in today's world. In this music academy students are being taught Indian classical music, chanting Gurbaani with raagas ,light music and rare ancient instruments like Dilruba, Esraj, Tauus, Rabab, Tar-shehnai along with Harmonium and Tabla. Though Ustad Ji is teaching music since 30 years to hundreds of disciples all over the world but this initiative is a revolutionary step towards the new generation who are seeking guidance to pursue music as their career. While todays generation is under the influence of western culture and is forgetting the incredible Indian classical music and customs, So to inculcate and tune in the demolishing art in today's generation with this perspective this academy is being established .



Guru Sangeet Festival-2017

Guru Sangeet Festival - November 2017

Guru Sangeet Festival-2016

Guru Sangeet Festival - December 2016